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Thursday, July 12, 2007
Coffee With Kak Joe & MY Confidential

Salaam and greetings to all my faithful subscribers,

Seeing that this blog of mine has somehow turned out to be personal in nature and full of anecdotes, instead of the initial plan of making it as an outreach for my private counseling practice, I have decided to create another specifically designed for professional purposes. And since this blog was created for me by someone else, I didn't have the control to manage or edit it's settings whenever I see fit. Therefore, I have created Coffee With Kak Joe and have taken the liberty to copy and paste all entries I have made from the beginning of my blogging days.

For those who have been enjoying my entries at this blogspot, I'd be honoured if you would continue to do so at the new blogspot, as I have no intention whatsoever to stifle my creative writing urges and will persist in making entries here whenever the impulse or inspiration moves me to do so. To proceed to my new blogspot, please click the link below:

Coffee With Kak Joe

However, for those who would like to learn more about mental health or would like to seek assistance in dealing with life's harder challenges, please visit the link below:

MY Confidential

I believe it is not premature for me to thank everyone who has been reading my blog entries faithfully over the past few years. By sharing my life's trials and tribulations, I pray that someone somewhere had learnt something that I might have missed myself. By making these entries whenever I am going through difficult moments, I am left feeling quite fulfilled and never quite by myself.

Being an Aquarian Dragon that I am, I often feel compelled to somehow save the world. I know I cannot save everyone but I know I can save someone, insya Allah. And that'll do.

To those who have just entered Coffee With Kak Joe, thank you for adding me to your favourite tabs. And to those who are about to click on the link to MY Confidential, I greet you with a great big WELCOME!!

Peace be upon the world!

Entry by kakak


Monday, August 08, 2005
The Seven Year Itch Syndrome
Though generally regarded as thick headed and stubborn, I reserve myself the right to my own set of beliefs and principles. I find it all justified by the current state of my marriage. Though it may seem as imperfect by today's fairy tale standards; it is perfection by my eyes. The root of that embodiment lies in the fact that this institution of marriage is still standing tall and strong despite the many trials and tribulations that has found its way into my life. Seven years may seem to be a miniscule period, if it is written on paper; but to the eyes of those involved, a lifetime. Especially if today should be my last. Why am I putting so much effort in these few sentences? Simply because, for every string of laughter and gleam of a smile, it had to be paid in advance with many trails of tears, infinite amount of incalculable fears and sacrifice after sacrifice. And for that, the laughter that rings through my ears today are as genuine and as sacred as any could be. In these imperfections and flaws of relationship, lies the perfection of Unity. Some say that opposites attract, what they neglected to add was that it only applies to those in courtship. After the ties of nuptial is sealed, the same polar differences will only serve as a tool to obtain that sacrilegious excuse to wander off through the mind's wild reaches. Today, I bear witness to the effectiveness of counseling. Why? Because I am still married.


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  • 07 August 2005
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